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2010, Sep-22

Fixing Unreadable E-mail Sent from iPhone

As many iPhone users I’ve beed using it to access my Exchange e-mail account. I works fine most of the time, it synchronizes with my desktop Entourage software fine except for the emails that are sent from the iPhone. Messages sent through ActiveSync from the iPhone do not appear properly in Entourage 2008.

The messages sometimes look like a mix of HTML, E-mail headers and what’s left of the original message or they look like an unintelligible jumble of letters and numbers. Here is a script that will fix those unreadable email in Entourage. Download the script and follow the instructions to install it into the Entourage Script Menu Items folder in your Microsoft User Data folder. Once installed it will be immediately available in the Script menu in Entourage.

*UPDATED on Sept 23 2010 to work with MS Entourage and Snow Leopard. *UPDATED on Aug 10 2011. Fixed a bug with POSIX paths with spaces. *This issue appears to be solved in the latest Outlook for Mac 2011

Fix iPhone Sent


Fix iphone sent mail v1.2.scpt