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2010, Oct-24

Fix Slow Startup/Shutdown in Snow Leopard

I noticed that both my Macbook Pro and Macbook had become very slow during startup and shutdown processes. During startup they’d sit there for about 1 min on a grey screen with a spinning wheel, a shut down it’d take about 30 sec on a blue screen with a spinning wheel.

I tried the usual, running the periodic maintenance scripts manually, fixing drive permissions and running some clean-up scripts in ONYX. Nothing seemed to work and it was getting very annoying to just sit there and wait every time I want to start/stop my laptop.

Growing frustrated I turned to google for a solution and lo and behold I found the root of my problems. One page suggested looking in the console (all messages) and see if I had an entry similar to

Can't create kext cache under / - owner not root...

After firing up Console and looking at the messages I found said entry. Now, the fix is to run the following command in Terminal:

sudo chown root:admin /

The problem seems related to ONYX. After cleaning the caches they won’t get recreated and you’d see the error mentioned in the console. I somehow suspected that the problems were related/caused by ONYX but wasn’t sure until now.