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2013, Jan-29

Downloading and Editing iPhone Packages and Tricks

Downloading Cydia Packages

  • Execute:
    $ apt-get -d install <package name>
  • The downloaded packages are located in the apt package cache at:

Modifying Cydia Packages

  • Execute this commands:

    $ mkdir -p extract/DEBIAN
    $ dpkg-deb -x package.deb extract/
    $ dpkg-deb -e package.deb extract/DEBIAN
    [ something, e.g. edit the control file...]
    $ mkdir build
    $ dpkg-deb -b extract/ build/

How to enable EDGE/APN Editing in settings:

  • Install Erica's Utilities
  • Open a SSH connection to your iphone and go to the following folder:
    /private/var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundle.bundle/
  • Execute the following command:
    $ plutil -key AllowEDGEEditing -1 carrier.plist

Battery Percentage in iPhone 2G

  • Open SSH and navigate to:
  • Execute the following command:
    $ plutil -key capabilities -key gas-gauge-battery -1 M68AP.plist


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